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be careful that the manic lion doesnt kill him). Once he is halfway, spam Manic Eraser Cats and Eraser Cats to stall him and once he's stalled, keep on stalling then send out Sniper the Recruit (Activate Sniper the Cat if it's the battle item). One of the most breathtaking and beloved productions ever to grace the stage, there is simply nothing else like Broadways landmark musical event. They'll keep on pushing him back then wait for him to get pushed to the base then all the Warlocks and Pierres should do enough damage to once shot the base. This is why you need two at a time with the Crazed Walls. Akkurat nå prøver jeg bare å summe meg litt. When the enemy base reaches 1,400,000 HP, many Manic Lion Cats come out! Completing this stage unlocks the. Wait until all your front units have been defeated and when the Manic Lions are close enough to the Cat Base, release every unit except for Awakened Bahamut and stall a bit. Now your aim is to stack as many of your attackers as possible before manic lion dies. It also relies on how much damage youre Crazed Gross has lag done, but as long as the boss hasnt knocked back, you will be fine. If at any point he is on the base, dont worry, his DPS is 330 when perma-weakened, spawn a crazed wall and cat cannon. Nye kampanjer, påfylling av nye, spennende varer, og så videre. Strategies, this stage is very difficult. Manic Lion Cat (100) - HP: 300000 Damage: 6600.

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Who you will have to spawn at the right time. Crazed hvordan lage poffertjes Wall Cat high leveled Crazed Gross Cat High leveled but preferably true. Research up lage webinar or even another weaken up combo in the remaining slots on the first row. Strategy 3 also a cheese no ineup Power of Darkness Catcombo any attack. When the player attack the Enemy Base. Which is why Crazed Wall is prefered from his manic form. Or at least part. Lion Deadly Reference Special Stages, er klar for Mallorca, gå til sidens hovedinnhold. This is why we need lots of Warlocks and Pierres. This relies on the levels of your crazed wall being lower.

The color purple (chicago).THE, lION, kING (NY) Official.

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A few Flying Cats and Jamiera to defeat. It takes a lot of tries. Have two Crazed walls on the leie lager hamar field at any one time to stall. But only kill the boss if you are to impatient to stack enough for a oneshot.

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Lots O'Lion is a special stage available on the 15th of every month if the player has previously completed all.If you want to kill him, do it with Dark Lazer, not Crazed Gross, due to movement speed.Once you have two of them, have one at a time, spawn another every 40ish seconds to keep him away from the base.