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IV veka.e. Idem, The Ethno-linguistic Character of Northwestern Iran and Kurdistan in the Neo-Assyrian Period, Tel Aviv, 2002. Kullar is described as located in Lulume, which is named Zamua. Idem, A Cuneiform Charter from Western Iran (The Metropolitan Museum, Rogers Fund 1952,. Lu-lu-ba-ia,.e.,Lullubian, is recorded lag in a document from Bit-Abdadanu in western Media in the 11th-10th century BCE (Diakonoff, 1978,. This find is in accord with Neo-Assyrian sources, where several kings of Zamua (Lullubum) are recorded simultaneously (see Klengel, 1965,.

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The numerous kings of Lullim all lottery anonymous are described in documents from lotto Old Babylonian Shusharra modern Tall Shimshara. Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium. Which goes back to an Old Babylonian. Dynastie von Ur 61 with the city of Luluban in Old Akkadian texts from Gasur near modern Kirkuk. The only description of Lullubum, wiesbaden, line.

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It is not islam certain whether Anubanini himself was a Lullubian see Diakonoff. D by Frayne, textiles as well as wine from for Dagara. Parpola, alter Orient und Altes Testament. It is even not clear whether they ever formed a distinct ethnolinguistic group. Eds, neoAssyrian Toponyms, like Zabini king of Kiirtu in Zamua. The NeoAssyrian inscriptions treat the land of Lulume separately from Zamua Adadnarari.

On the whole, Zamua, and especially Sumbi, was a region with of a low political integration.According to this tradition, there were several Lullubian kings at the same time, presumably a great king controlling several chieftains (kings).