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in Figure.7. The first solution to the problem is derived in terms of one algebraic Riccati equation of the same dimension as in the filtering launch ica won t open case and the mechanism by which the performance improvements with respect to the H filtering occur is clarified.

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The forwardbackward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state variables given a sequence.Viterbi Decoding for Satellite and Space Communication In this paper we present methods for fixed - lag smoothing using Sequential of conventional Viterbi.The problem of the continuous-time H fixed - lag smoothing over the infinite horizon is studied.

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This step allows the algorithm to take into account any past observations of output for computing more accurate results.This is because the probabilities for each point are calculated independently of each other.We also have the estimation-error covariances, denoted The percent improvement due to smoothing can be computed as example.2 Consider the same two state system as described in Example.1.