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to fix. DerrickG 2# Call of Duty: Black Ops Lag Fix 100 System Resources Usage. Free download Latency Optimizer.1 to assist you to FIX LAG and latency issues! Tip by crimsonlung 17# Call of Duty: Black Ops Direct X Error If you have come across DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. Right click on your steam process and go to affinity, set this to Core 0 Do the same for the game process, but set it to the rest of the cores only (all but core 0 ) Next, right click on the game process again. 19# Game Crashes at Menu You start the game and it instantly crashes when it gets to where it asks you to press any button. IF YOU aren'onkey AND ARE pretty darn sexy YOU CAN makmall donation here: m/donate/lucozade321. Download blog comments powered by Disqus. How to fix Black Ops 2 lag, high ping and latency issues on PC? 3# Game Unavailable Steam, gazilion people are trying to download the game from Steam, servers are too busy to handle your request, give it few hours. Click the Volume tab. We have posted quite a good amount of suggestions and solutions around our blog. Hope it comes in good use! Go to the Start bar and select calvin klein one summer 2009 Run. Solution #3 If it still doesnt help you can try the following. Dont forget to turn the acceleration back up to restore the high-end features for your sound card when using other applications. Find your Steam folder ( C:Program FilesSteam). 23# Stuck at Fetching Stats Servers are busy, patience. Select the drive you want to cleanup such as the C: drive. Thank you for your patience. 31# Call of Duty: Black Ops Stuttering Fix You can try this tweak and see if it helps the cause. Exe Go down to Set priority and set to Low. Then Steam Apps folder Common Call of Duty Black Ops Main Folder ( C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommoncall of duty black opsmain ). Do an integrity check to see if you have missed any files, Steam will automatically download these files. You may only find FFA matches if you replace the config file with Stevys config file. 5# Call of Duty: Black Ops Cant Join Multiplayer Games Stuck at Loading. Click Apply and OK For Windows VistaWindows 7 Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize. Call of Duty: Black Ops Troubleshooting Guide. Just copy and paste the config_g and rename it. I dont have any possible explanation to this but I am looking into. Go into the installation folder, then the redist folder then the Directx folder and run DXsetup again. Make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements. Tweak config and set multigpu 0, multicore 1, vsync 0, maxpackets 100.

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Black Ops and client click Delete local content. Ve been lagging like a bitch recently and I finally figured out why and share it in this video. Run the game tricot now, expansions and the hype of the new fascinating multiplayer modes will cause the game servers to deal with millions of sent and received data packages.

Black ops, lAG, fIX!Troubleshoot and fix with us Call of Duty, black.

Will update when I have something. Then install from 25 Call of Duty Black Ops Crashes on Start Up Reinstall DirectX located here. And Fixes General Fixes via Activision Support. One of the simplest things you can do to check if the lag only appears in sonos Black Ops 2 is facebook to try to play another game online or a multiplayer game. If you are planning to buy it dont 36 Can only see FFA no other Game Modes Online If you have applied the FPS increase config and are left with only finding FFA game modes online. The game may also be muting the sound on start.

Social Media, facebook Page: m/lucozade321, my Twitter.Reduce the Hardware acceleration to Basic, the 2nd notch from the left.