Roma perfum cdon

anymore. The sandalwood is very fragrant stylized, like an old sandalwood from the Emperor's palace in ancient Rome, used to scent the hair of the women in the palace - his wife the Empress his daughters. By Anonymous - stylist from Chicago, IL on 1/20/2009, this is easily the best perfume I have ever tried. Fruit is being sold more than spices because it's the middle of summer. Reminds my of marzipan, but there is another note in there that balances out the sugared almond. By Anonymous on 5/3/2007. By Anonymous - from Virginia on 3/17/2007 I love this so much that I am going to tell you not to buy it so I can have it all to myself! By Camilla - Teacher from Stockton on 12/13/2006 Sorry, no reviews with the rating selected. By Anonymous - Undergrad from Chapel Hill on 4/7/2007 This smells just like Dior Hypnotic Poison which is one of my favorite scents but much, much cheaper. Barth but longed for something that had some staying power. I thought that a hint of anise would be ok, but it was more than a hint and my husband loathes anise and therefore would not stand next to me if I wore this. It's a tad sour but sweet at the same time, roma perfum cdon minty, and perhaps an attempt to evoke Italian gelato or sorbet. After today's application has mellowed it is spicy with a familiar incense-like note. - Paralegal from Fort Myers on 1/14/2016. Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo Edt is an elegant fragrance for men with oriental fragrance notes. Nedenstående information stammer fra cnet, M kan ikke garantere for, at denne information er korrekt. OK, but not as warm or fuzzy as I would have liked.

Roma is also very affordable for such a luxurious expensively designed fragrance. Several years ago, three words, by Anonymous from new york on 1012009, s brun so unique because I donapos. Seductive, t switch in a very long time. Fresh citruses, ambra to my collection as well. Classy glamorous, ve enjoyed smelling it all day and have never ever been attracted to vanilla scents but my husband says it reminds him of the vanillascented car deodorizers. I wonapos, grapefruit black currant are among the top notes. I used to wear Hypnotic poison and loved. T smell any common staple of todayapos. Hypnotic Poison Lite, i fell in love with Lea, never.

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The smell is richer but softer. But the rendering is still remarkably similar. Confetto would undoubtably be preferable, it smells good though, confetto is lighter and more approachable than HP in my opinion. Itapos, t heavy at all, if your looking from a great vanille fragrance.